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Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are the perfect example fun, handmade ways to show someone you care! Using simple materials like, embroidery floss, and macramé knotting techniques, a friendship bracelet is a hand-made creation that represents a token friendship for your and your BFF.

The vibrant colors and various designs are bundles of fun to make. Often times, a first attempt to learn this craft would, end up a knotted mess, and probably a bit of frustration. But no need to worry! Here at Artly we are ready to share the art of friendship bracelet

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Rock Painting

The rock painting activity for kids that develops fine motor skills, outdoor play, creativity and kindness! Rock painting is a great art activity to express yourself by creating a custom rock design! Your painted rocks will be entirely unique to you! Spread kindness with painted rocks! Gift, hide or share your rock art throughout your community.