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The best party is the Artly party

Artly provides the perfect party venue for any type of occasion for all ages.


Book Artly for yourself!

(Artistic Adults) Venue Booking Only

Artly provides the perfect party venue for any type of occasion. Bring your guests together and have a great time celebrating your event. You will have exclusive use of our art studio add on additional time to your event to eat, drink, or play games and truly create a unique experience!

What's Included:

  • Three Hours Access to Art Studio

  • Free Wifi
  • Free Coffee and Drinks

Private Party Rates:

  • 20 BD per hour

  • Min 3 hours

Artly Party

Class Time Frame:

  • Each class is 2 hours long. You can arrive an hour before your event to set-up and you are half-an-hour after your event to wind down and clean up. If you go over your ending time, an additional fee of 10 BD for every hour will be added to your final total.

  • You can choose your own 3-hour time frame for your event based on availability

Maximum Capacity:

  • Our studio can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests.


  • If you are having a Private Event and would like to hear special music, please setup a playlist and you will be allowed to access the speakers to play your favorite tunes.

Private Party Rates:

  • 5-8 Guests ~ 15 BD per person

  • 9-12 Guests ~ 12 BD per person

Book Artly for yourself!

(Artistic Adults) with instructor


Art Birthday Party

Celebrate a child’s birthday or a special day with friends or family at Artly! The studio offers parties for children age 3 and older. Party experiences include all materials for up to 14 guests of all ages, dedicated art instructor(s), a special gift for the birthday child, private studio rental, and lots of fun!  

Birthdays are hassle free when you have a party with us. Our party attendants will keep the children busy working with the projects while you enjoy the fun. Leave the planning, leading the group, set up, and mess up to us!

Artly offers many themes and project options for the art part of the party.  We pride ourselves on customizing the party to your special desires- so share with us what you are looking for!  You can choose from the party options or we will customize to your party theme.  Call or email us to plan your special party today!

Art Birthday Party

Art Birthday Party Schedule

The party experience consists of full use of the studio for three hours which is private Artly event.

  • Upon arrival guests enjoy several art stations in the art studio.

  • Next, they will paint, glaze, sculpt, or create a unique art project that will be taken home as the party favor.

  • Then, guests will work with an art teacher one on one to paint a collaborative canvas or special glazed plate for the birthday child to take home.  

  • The last portion of the party is for you to bring in cake and/or food to feed the starving artists and open gifts.

  • Set up and Clean up by dedicated Artly staff members who will lead your group, glaze, fire & provide all materials necessary for your group.


*Minimum reservation is 6 guests up to 14

​*Details for each package and pricing kindly contact us at Artly
*We can customize ALL packages by theme or holiday- NO additional charge- just ask & together we will handpick your pieces for your party!

Art Birthday Party Packages

1. Painting Party

  • includes a choice of one painting project on canvas, wood, paper mache, jewelry & more!

2. Paint Your Own Pottery #1

  • Choose from a variety of animal cuties, mugs, small boxes, ring holders, flower vases & much more.

3. Paint Your Own Pottery #2

  • In addition to all of the options from above, you can also choose from larger jewelry boxes, banks, character mugs, plates, flower vases & much more.

4. Tie Dye Party

  • includes a t-shirt or a t-shirt and mask add-on option. 


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